Buy a Phuket Penthouse

Looking to buy a Phuket Penthouse? A Penthouse in Phuket often offers the best option for size, views and quality found in some villas. Ranging in size to over 500m2, penthouses in Phuket are comparable to other locations around the world.

There are advantages to buying a penthouse in Phuket compared to other property choices that are available on the market. Generally, the additional space provided by a penthouse allows for more comfortable living and in many cases the additional roof garden space, quite often with a pool or sala will offer excellent views.

Ownership of a penthouse in Phuket, held under a condominium title, is often freehold to foreigners, however, it is important to check the title prior to committing to invest in the unit. Some Phuket penthouses may also be offered for sale under a lease arrangement and this is also a common practice but none-the-less this offers a solid legal ownership for foreigners.

A major benefit of a Phuket penthouse, much the same as with a condo, is the freedom of being able to leave the property secure and under care when not in use. This is considered to be an added advantage for many potential buyers.

The price of buying a Phuket penthouse can range from US$300K to over US$ 4million, depending on the location, size, facilities and services available. You can find a comprehensive portfolio of properties for sale and rent in Phuket, including Phuket Villas, Phuket Condo's, Phuket Apartments in the Phuket Property search function of

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