Phuket Luxury Villas

There are huge selection of luxury villas for sale in Phuket that can command substantial prices that are comparable with other premier resort islands worldwide. The premium carried by the luxury villas in Phuket is driven by the scarcity of available land and controls for development. There is a shortage of usable land as such this carries a high premium. Most luxury villas in Phuket offer stunning views, excellent facilities and are of a size and scale representative of the value.

Generally, the luxury end of the villa market are situated within private gated communities that offers privacy and security for owners and some of the most scenic locations in South East Asia combined with excellent resort services and amenities.

As the investment level can be significant you should seek expert agency advice and impartial legal advice. You should gain an understanding of the unique history and owners of each villa that is available and the ownership structure. It is very important to also understand that not all luxury Phuket villas are advertised on the open market. Off-market placements are quite common and these require discreet and very private discussions. Our services include approaches to owners of villas that are not readily available and we hold a portfolio of discreet off-market opportunities to above US$10 million.

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