Renting in Phuket

If you are considering renting property in Phuket, then we hope that this short guide will be helpful. During the planning process to rent in Phuket, you should always give consideration to choosing the right location and size of accommodation that is specific to your requirements and lifestyle.

Renting either a long-term or holiday property in Phuket will mean making some choices and you should consider a number of factors:

  • Choosing the right location of your rental property in Phuket is important and consideration should also be given to access to the beaches and local restaurants
  • Be clear on the number of guests that plan to stay in the Phuket rental property. This is important because you will not be allowed to bring additional unregistered guests.
  • Whether or not your Phuket rental will be self catered or fully staffed.
  • Understand the size of the property and number of bedrooms you will require for your family and any registered guests.
  • The length of your rental period in Phuket as you may not be able to extend.
  • Your budget and other daily costs of a Phuket property rental and note that payment will be in advance.
  • Distance and convenience to reach the places that you would like to visit. The best beaches are on the west coast.
  • The facilities that you will require with your Phuket rental property such as a swimming pool, restaurants, spa or kids clubs.
  • Safety considerations, given that many ocean front villa's have steep drop offs and swimming pools and these may not be suitable for young children or the elderly.
  • Book early – all rental accommodation in Phuket is heavily booked over the high and peak periods

Selecting the Right Rental Property in Phuket

Renting the right property in Phuket should be conducted through a reputable agent and should be a simple and enjoyable experience. However, it will require planning to achieve the best experience. Advance bookings are a must for high and peak seasons and these should be made several months in advance of arrival. Time and again, we experience late bookings and disappointed families who book late and leave their Phuket rental property arrangements to the last minute. Please book early as demand is very strong during the main holiday seasons.

Always remember to give careful consideration to the type of Phuket Property you wish to rent. When selecting a property to rent in Phuket, you will need to consider size of the property and the number of rooms that you need for yourself and your family or guests. Be sure to check the available facilities such as gyms, spa, restaurants and swimming pools and please refer to the above list for further information.

How to Rent a Property in Phuket

As soon as you decide upon the right Phuket rental property, you will need to make a non-refundable deposit and sign a short-term rental agreement that outlines the conditions of use of the villa or condominium. The agreement will contain all of the necessary terms and conditions required to rent the property. When you take over the property, there will likely be an inventory of contents and these will need to be checked with an agents or manager upon arrival. You can find a comprehensive portfolio of properties for sale and rent in Phuket, including Phuket Villas, Phuket Condo's, Phuket Apartments in the Phuket Property search function of

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