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Renting a Property in Phuket

If you are considering a long-term rental in Phuket, we trust that this quick FAQ guide will be useful.  

Firstly, you should always consider selecting the right location to suit your needs and lifestyle as Phuket is a large island and traffic during high and peak seasons can at times be slow.  

Secondly, Phuket rentals can be quite expensive and as such, selecting the right size and type of property that will meet your needs and budget is also an important start point.  

Large ocean front villas can easily cost US$50k per month to rent, while family villas with a good sized land plot and pool with garden views can start at around US$5,000 per month. Whatever the choice, you should consider a number of factors:  

Location, location, location. Understand the different areas in Phuket and the travel times to the places that you need to be (school, beach, shops, Golf etc)  

The number of people that plan to stay in the property  

Whether you require staff and if the property currently has staff support 

The overall size of the property and the number of bedrooms, including for occasional guests. 

The length of your rental period in Phuket and if you plan to extend and the timing of any extension.  

Safety considerations, given that swimming pools are often open and some villas have steps and steep drop offs.  

Any additional facilities that you may require and if a property within a secure development is better suited. has been a real estate agent since 1998.