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Buying a Penthouse in Phuket

Penthouses in Phuket can be acquired either on a Foreign Freehold basis or Leasehold basis. If you are looking to buy a Phuket Penthouse, then it is important to understand the two types of ownership that you will enter into.  

Ownership, under a condominium title, is freehold to foreigners and it is important to check the title prior to committing to invest. Leasehold units may also be offered for sale under a lease arrangement and while this is a common practice, the lease arrangements and any renewal periods must be fully understood.  

A penthouse offers advantages when compared to other condominium property choices. Generally, the additional living space provided by a penthouse will offer more comfortable living and in some cases the additional roof or terrace space will offer excellent views.  

The added attraction is that maintenance and management of a Phuket in penthouse can be considered easier when compared to a landed property.  

The price of buying a Phuket penthouse can range from US$300K to over US$5 million, depending on location, size and services available.  

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