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Buying a Villa in Phuket

Foreigners are restricted to own land in Thailand on a freehold basis but may lease land for periods of 30 years or control via a majority Thai entity that owns land. There is no restriction on owning physical assets such as buildings. A Thai entity, such as company, can own land and foreigners can be minority shareholders of that company while retaining the majority voting rights and/or acting as a sole Director. As such, It is important to understand the process of buying a villa in Phuket and with good advice from experience agents and your legal advisor the process will be efficient.

When you buy a villa in Phuket, you should consider the following factors: 

Location is always important and the West Coast of Phuket is clearly the most favored for luxury villas in Phuket. It is important to consider the advantages between resort serviced villas and private villas.

Oceanfront villas command a significant premium. Villas that for sale in Andara can reach US$10 million and Amanpuri villas from US$12 million.  

Other considerations include full due diligence reporting, legal structures and the ongoing maintenance costs of the villa 

You can find a comprehensive portfolio of luxury villas for sale and rent in Phuket on our website. We also have a number of off-market opportunities. are real estate agents and were established in 1998.